Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Miami - Cost $3500

Best Plastic Surgeon for BBLinMiami, Florida

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Miami, Florida at affordable low cost $3500 to give you a perky, round, and lifted buttock by fat transfer procedure.
Brazilian Butt Lift Miami


Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami, Florida (BBL) is a popular buttock augmentation procedure, also known as BBL that results in younger, perky buttocks at affordable cost.

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami, Florida (BBL) is a popular buttock augmentation procedure, also known as BBL that results in younger, perky buttocks at affordable cost. Plastic surgery becomes an increasingly popular and growing business. It’s becoming important for patients to be well-informed about their options. With the shifts in fashion and the tighter garments on the market today, Brazilian Butt Lift are beginning to rival Breast Augmentation in demand and popularity.

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Out Of TownPatients

BBL For Out Of Town Patients

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Spectrum Aesthetics isn’t just for locals looking to revamp their beach bodies. We cater to visitors and tourist from out-of-state and out of the country. Approx 90% of our patients are from out-of-town.

We are well-equipped with the high-quality recovery houses necessary to cater patients who don’t live in Miami. Patient’s comfort and recovery is our prime focus. Due to our commitment to our patient’s welfare that we’ve become the number one practitioner for those visiting. After experiencing our plastic surgery services, you will find yourself visiting Miami just for Spectrum Aesthetics!

When contemplating cosmetic surgery like Brazilian Butt Lift, your safety is the primary focus. We want to assure you that all of our plastic surgeons are licensed and highly trained in buttock augmentation and other cosmetic surgery. You’ll never find yourself in trustworthy, sterile hands than ours!.

Our plastic surgeons hold the title of top surgeons in the industry year after year, and that’s not a position we take lightly. We are always hard at work, training our surgeons and keeping them educated on the latest practices and precautions in cosmetic procedures. Our specialists are the best in the nation, and we stand by that title with confidence and pride.

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Best BBL Surgeon in Miami, Florida

#1 Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgeon in Miami

Our plastic surgeons are leading the way in the BBL cosmetic surgery industry. We understand that the buttock is a particularly hard area of the body to shape and maintain in exercise. This can cause a lot of frustration for women looking to tone their appearance. A perky, round, and lifted buttocks brings the upper body into a smooth proportion. Full and youthful buttock gives patients attractive physique and balanced appearance.
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BBL Cost$3500

How much does a BBL cost?

Pricing ofBrazilian Butt Lift

BBL Cost is $3500 by Miami top brazilian butt lift surgeon. This low cost affordable Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami, Florida includes physician cost, surgery room cost, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, labs, and 1 year of follow up visits. This cheapest BBL offer includes 12-areas of liposuction — full back liposuction(4-areas), full abdomen liposuction (4-areas), waist liposuction (2-areas), flanks liposuction (2-areas).

The Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is $3500. At Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami we provide the cheapest Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery in the USA.

Our plastic surgeons recommend age to be at least 18 years before performing Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

BBL Procedure lifts the buttocks to a higher position, adds volume and enhances the shape to a fuller rounder appearance.

There are two separate techniques to this BBL procedure:

  1. Buttocks Implants
  2. Fat Transfer to Buttock
While butt implants are available as an option to our patients but it is not recommended. Sixty percent of all buttocks implants are rejected by the patient’s body, which is followed by a cost to remove them. On the other hand, fat transfer to buttock are completely safe as it is own body fat. Doctors at Spectrum Aesthetics, recommend this buttock fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) method.
BBL procedure at Spectrum Aesthetics, Miami not only helps round out your buttocks with fat transfers and implants, but it also helps to provide a more shapely and perky buttock appearance. We do this BBL surgery by removing fat from the lower end of the buttocks as well as the sides. By removing fat from these sections of the buttocks, your buttocks gains a perky and full look in its center and top regions providing a youthful, beach-ready appearance. Fat transfer from excess areas gives buttock a more narrow and curvaceous appearance. The resulting proportion of buttock is enough to impress even the most skeptical of onlookers. You’ll find yourself leaving our office with a new-found sense of confidence and sensuality you never knew you had in you.

One of the benefit of the Butt Lift surgery is the liposuction, that is combined in the BBL procedure. The liposuction surgery helps in Brazilian Butt Lift to create a rounded and contoured shape buttock. It removes excess fat from body, and use them to give the buttock an elegant and rounded shape.

Under Florida state law, physicians performing liposuction in an office setting may remove up to four liters of fat from a patient in a single session.
After BBL, patients will find it necessary to wear supportive clothing for an average of eight-weeks. The recovery time varies depending on whether liposuction was used at any point in the buttock augmentation procedure. Patients are generally expected to be absent from work for two-weeks after Brazilian butt lift surgery.

It’s important to know that a certain amount of fat is necessary for the buttock augmentation procedure. Thin patients may be asked to gain weight before the bbl procedure to get the best possible result. During a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), by law in Florida we’re not allowed to liposuction more than four liters of fat.

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